Our communities contain people of varying abundance and need. During this time of disruption, this plan shares resources and provides support to those in need. If you (or someone you know) have a financial need for basic necessities (rent, food, medical, utilities, etc.), see the "For Those In Need" section below. If you have funds in abundance
(especially after receiving federal COVID-19 stimulus funds), see the "For Donors" section.

Please share this with friends, family members and contacts, especially if they need a helping hand right now.

As of May 26, $6,600 in assistance has been disbursed. 
A Google doc is available for viewing total donations and individual disbursements.

Any questions, contact Alan Kay at alankaycovid@gmail.com.
For Those In Need:

If you or someone you know is in need of funds to pay rent and utilities, purchase food, obtain medical care or other critical needs, send an email with your need to alankaycovid@gmail.com.

The requirements are as follows (provide this info in your email):
     • Indicate how much you need, up to $500 maximum.
     • The money must be for rent, utilities, food, medical care (including veterinary care) or other critical needs only.
     • Provide vendor/provider information (landlord, utility company, medical office, etc.) if appropriate.
     • You must provide one reference (name, email, phone) who can confirm your need.
     • You will remain anonymous.
     • On approval, you will be contacted to arrange payment to your service provider (preferred) or, in some cases, to you.
For Donors:

If you are able to donate money (stimulus or other funds) to individuals in need, send an email to alankaycovid@gmail.com with your maximum giving offer. No money will be exchanged until there is a specific need for funds. Once the need is documented, you will be instructed to send funds, up to your maximum, to a Venmo or PayPal account or by check. Those funds will then be disbursed for one or more recipients, usually  directly to their service provider (utility company, landlord, medical office, etc.).

A Google doc is available for viewing total donations and individual disbursements. Donors and recipients remain anonymous.

To date assistance disbursed:  $6,596           Donations received:  $8,436