MKP Equitable Community Train Station

No. 15 • July 2019 • ManKind Project USA

In 2003, MKP authorized the creation of Gateway NWTAs, whose purpose is to create a level of trust and safety for men of a culturally marginalized population; men who otherwise might not choose to attend or fully step into the intended transformation of the NWTA. Since then, MKP has held Gateway NWTAs focused on GBTQ, Indigenous, Young warrior, Deaf/Hard of hearing, Urban and Bilingual populations. Our newest Gateway training is the upcoming Barrier Free NWTA, creating an inclusive environment for men of varying physical abilities. In this issue, hear from a few men deeply invested in Gateways...
Greg Gondron was instrumental in the creation of gateway NWTAs and has led many of them (especially deaf & hard of hearing and GBTQ trainings). Hear Greg's take on the importance and impact of these weekends!
Why staff a Gateway NWTA? 
1. If you are a historically included man (hetero, white, Euro, middle-class, able-bodied, etc.), experience just a taste of what it's like to be in the minority.

2. If you identify as a member of the Gateway focus population, experience the safety and freedom that comes with being part of a container intentionally created for and populated with men who share that identity.

2. Stretch yourself and grow into the unfamiliar; step outside your comfort zone.

3. Make new and different connections (again, possibly outside your comfort zone).

4. Learn from and about men who spend most of their lives very aware of how they are excluded (knowing it's not their job to teach you!).

5. It's an opportunity for you to practice humility, to listen, to receive, to let go of control.

    Upcoming Gateway/Alternative NWTAs:
         8/22-25/19      Barrier Free NWTA     Prescott, AZ                    Apply
         9/19-22/19      GBTQ                         Woodstock, IL                 Apply
         10/17-20/19    French/English           Trois Riviere, Quebec     Apply
         11/7-10/19      Spanish/English          Elbert, CO                      Apply
         11/14-17/19    YWTA                          Cold Spring, NY             Apply
         12/5-8/19        GBTQ                          New Hope, PA               Apply
         1/9-12/20        First Nation                  Chilliwack, BC               Apply
Young Warriors in MKP
Men who are ages 18-35 are often at a time in their lives where they are building their inner and outer worlds - embarking on educational pursuits, beginning careers, building businesses, starting families, and more. Men of this generation are growing into a world that is very different than it was even twenty years ago. They face both familiar and unique challenges in their personal and professional lives as well as distinct obstacles to engaging in MKP area governance and trainings. Check out the YW web site.
Nathan Knecht speaks in depth about the foundations of the Young Warrior Training Adventure - the whys, the whos and the hows!
READ more about the history, the why and the impact of Gateway NWTAs...
Jim Mulenos speaks of how for MKP to evolve, it's time to bring together men from all worlds. Jim's passion for gateway trainings is based in that belief.

DONATE to support the Barrier Free NWTA
This upcoming first of its kind Gateway training is inclusive for men of all physical abilities. Because of this focus, added expenses are incurred in physical plant modifications, transportation, and tuition support. To make a donation, go to:
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Special offer! Anyone donating $300 or more will receive a copy of the outline from the very first NWTA with sideline notes from one of our founders, Rich Tosi!