MKP Equitable Community Train Station

No. 5 • May 2018 • ManKind Project USA

Welcome back to the train station!  Something different this month...

Relationships & MKP
Many of you know that your journey in the ManKind Project has profound impacts on your relationships. Enhancing? Nurturing? Confusing? Distancing? Inflaming? Destroying? And more. You might ask: "What's this got to do with multicultural work?" Well, in some ways, MKP gives power and privilege to its members. The power of group dynamic, new technology and group self-affirmation. The privilege of exclusion, special weekends and a guaranteed supportive family. Sure, it's not anything like racism, homophobia or antisemitism. But in many ways, it's the elephant in the room!
Thank you for joining this conversation.
Resonate with any of these statements?

"This has given us a shared language and perspective on healing wounds, which is a cornerstone of our relationship."  (partner)

"At first my vulnerability created an amazing connection and closeness. But then it was like I had this mistress who understood me in ways my wife did not." 
 (MKP man)

"I can't stand it when he starts processing me - I get really pissed!"   (partner)

"I don't know that she gets how much it nourishes me... it being the community and the friendship and the brotherhood that I've wanted my entire adult life."   (MKP man)

"It's troubling that I am excluded from something that's so nurturing for my husband."  (partner)

"Having the support... and doing the work I've done has changed the husband, the father and the businessman that I am... Being ideal support for my wife and children is my work."   (MKP man)

"I hate MKP. It's more important to him than our family. I wish he would treat me as well as he treats his MKP brothers."   (partner)

"Our needs are different. I need this as much as I need our relationship." 
 (MKP man)

"I have a complex relationship with MKP. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it, and there's everything in between."   (partner)

"I have incredible gifts and love to offer, but it seems that my partner
has shut the door."   (MKP man)

Ready for a conversation?...
Imagine a circle of MKP men and their partners, men and women, sharing their experiences and emotions in a safe container. Out-of-town leaders from MKP and Woman Within have been contacted to facilitate such a gathering. Do you have some energy to help plan this? Do you want to be included in updates and the invitation? RSVP with your interest to alankay@sonic.net.

"The ManKind Project helps create the most essential thing a man can have for health, success, and life-satisfaction: authentic relationships."
-from the MKP.org website
On other matters...
America's first Lynching Memorial

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice

More than 4400 African American men, women, and children were hanged, burned alive, shot, drowned, and beaten to death by white mobs between 1877 and 1950. Millions more fled the South as refugees from racial terrorism, profoundly impacting the entire nation. Until now, there has been no national memorial acknowledging the victims of racial terror lynchings. On a six-acre site atop a rise overlooking Montgomery, the national lynching memorial is a sacred space for truth-telling and reflection about racial terror in America and its legacy.

The Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and Justice are located in the heart of Montgomery, Alabama. Learn more at https://museumandmemorial.eji.org/. Consider organizing a group trip to Montgomery to experience both the museum and memorial in a single day or plan an overnight trip to explore America's history of racial injustice and its legacy.

Why build a Lynching Memorial...
Update on Colonialism Workshops - Gabriel Peltier, David Lynch and Alan Kay met to discuss a format for several workshops on Colonialism. We explored linking cultural identities and ties to the land. There are some exciting local and distant leaders who can bring deep understanding to this discussion and allow for hearing the many stories that make up who we are. Spread the word - if you want to help create this innovative and inspirational journey, come join us! RSVP to alankay@sonic.net.
“What set Harvey apart from you or me was that he was a visionary. He imagined a righteous world inside his head and then he set about to create it for real, for all of us.”

 - Anne Kronenberg, Harvey Milk's campaign manager