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No. 8 • October 2018 • ManKind Project USA

Wow, a lot is happening in the Greater Carolinas!! Cultural Appropriation is a hot topic generating discusion, debate, learning and a close look at current rituals. We're just about to start the 1st ever online Course in Cultural Competency for a time-friendly year of learning and practice. Men pursuing their vision are creating all sorts of new possibilities... read on to learn what's possible!

The first GCA online course in

The Basics of Cultural Competency

first live call Thursday, November 1st 7:00pm
(there will be other opportunities if you can't make this call)


To dial in by telephone, call:  (669) 900-6833
and enter Meeting ID: 919 844 1990

 > Self-paced learning modules           > Gentle homework assignments
   > Small group action-learning             > Monthly live application calls    
       > A Supportive Learning Community                    

For more details on the course, see here.
To Register, email name and phone to alankay@sonic.net


This course is part of a conscious commitment to create an inclusive and equitable community in the GCA, characterized by empowerment and fairness for all our members and those with whom we interact. Your GCA Stewardship Council and Leader Body have endorsed this course - join us!!

Hurricane Florence and the Displacement of African-Americans Along the Carolina Coast

Read this revealing article by Adeel Hassan on why the Gullah communities living along the southern coast choose to ride out hurricanes. Gullah people are descendants of slaves who worked on rice plantations before the Civil War. Their history is fascinating and disturbing.
Watch Dr. Adrienne Keene's talk on Cultural appropriation and power and settler colonialism. Stay tuned for more from Dr. Keene - we may be fortunate enough to have her join us in person for a learning opportunity!!

Relationships & MKP Workshop

was a success!!

A group of men and women gathered from Georgia and the Carolinas to share and explore the impacts of MKP on men, their partners and their relationships. Here's some of what we discovered:
•  Work in MKP both creates a more emotionally available man AND sometimes emotional "vomiting" can occur
• "Altered space" condition is not addressed enough
• Partners want men to honor their confidentiality
• More can be done to prepare partners and families post-NWTA
• There's a wide range of impacts on partners and families
• Great ideas were collected for making positive change!

(For more info, see the Google-doc notes for the Workshop)
One man's awareness on Racial Literacy:

I am drawn to articles about race. This is relatively new reading (Ed.-see the link below) for me, born out of my interest in building equitable community.

I thought for a long time that if I treated everyone the same, I could not possibly be racist, or a misogynist, or a bigot. What I learned is that if I treat everyone the same, I turn a blind eye to their unique struggles. This does them and me a huge disservice.

As a white male in America, I have the privilege of never having to think about the many issues of race, sexism, gender identity and so many other challenges that people different from me must deal with each day. This article has helped me peel back another layer of my privilege and power. I want to see through the white wash of history and the current media to be aware of systemic racism. If I can train myself to understand the impact of that system on people of color (historically and present day), then I begin to engage the discussion in an informed and thoughtful way.

I know that I will never be able to fully understand what it is like for people of color in this country... what I can do is listen with humility. Not try to take center stage in the conversation, knowing that white people have not done a good job of discussing race due to our lack of understanding about white privilege. The more I learn about my own privilege the better I will become at listening and moving forward. 

Jon Leidel
(Incoming GCA Equitable Community Co-representative)

Read the article by Robin DiAngelo that prompted Jon's words here.
Change in titles...

With an increasing awareness of the impact of our words, MKP USA has shifted from the focus on multi-cultural (what cultures are we focused on??) to one of inclusivity and equal opportunity, hence the shift to Equitable Community

ManKind Project's stated Equitable Community Initiative vision is that of "a truly inclusive and equitable environment for participants of ManKind Project and all those with whom we come in contact with in fulfillment of our missions."

In the GCA, we support this change in focus and thus, the change in newsletter title and title of representatives to ECI Co-reps!