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No. 21 • January 2020 • ManKind Project USA

White Nationalism  

White Supremacy  


One is a movement, one is a belief and the third is intimately tied to and drives the others. All three undermine inclusion, respect and equitable community. Read on...

Useful definitions:
White Nationalism - the current movement to return absolute power to a white Christian majority, to create a white ethnostate, and ultimately to create a country free of people of color. White Nationalism is about ethnic cleansing. In recent years, white nationalism has entered mainstream political, social and educational institutions in the US.
White Supremacy - a social system based on the belief that whites are superior to other ethnic groups and therefore should be dominant over them. The United States was founded on white supremacy (it's in the Constitution) - it has driven genocide and the stealing of resources of indigenous peoples, exploitation of free labor of black people and control of sexuality of women and, to a lesser extent, men. For those of us who identify as white, we benefit from this system whether or not we believe we hold racist beliefs.
Anti-Semitism - hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic or racial group. It is based upon a series of false stereotypical beliefs about Jews, especially around a Jewish conspiracy to control the world. Hatred of Jewish people. Anti-semitism dates back to ancient times.

So, here's the connection...

Prior to the Civil War, racism and white supremacy were common attitudes in both the North and the South. People of color, recent immigrants and other "non-whites" (at various times, Italians, Jews, Catholics, Chinese, etc.) were considered inferior and were restricted from having power and privilege. The Civil War ended legal white supremacy, but that supremacy continued by extralegal violence and terror, Jim Crow laws and other legal and institutionalized racism practices. 

The Civil Rights gains of the 20th century drove slow and halting progress in reversing the practices of white supremacy. That work continues, slowly...

Whites, especially those in the South, were greatly impacted by their loss of control over "inferior" races of people. How could they lose control and power over people who were innately inferior? How could they be defeated by those "less than" them?

The answer: There must be a more powerful outside entity controlling such change. Aha! It must be the Jews!! For millennia, Jews have been blamed for controlling world events and for enacting a secret conspiracy to undermine, weaken and even enslave white people. A common trope of white nationalist organizations and leaders is that the Jews are controlling the economy, politics, Hollywood and the government. It's the Jews who are pushing for civil rights and open immigration, driving toward a nonwhite majority in the US ("white genocide") and undermining the true and God-given white Christian racial dominance in our country. Scary and sad...
"People who have faced death for the crime of being Jewish will be more than happy to tell you that 'Jews run the world' is the oldest trick in the book... and are words that have launched pogroms and genocide, destroyed communities for generations and left a tragic stain on the human conscience."

 - Winston Shi, Stanford Daily
Eric K. Ward, Executive Director of Western States Center, speaks eloquently about the threats posed by white nationalism and its roots in anti-Semitism. The talk is 20 minutes and is followed by a question and answer session.
Ask yourself...

Which of these beliefs do you hold to be partly or wholly true?

There is a white race that is genetically separate and superior.
Immigration has eroded the values and strength of this country.
It's time to speak up for "White Lives Matter."
Our way of life is under attack!
• Majority white countries suffer (economically and culturally) due to immigration and increased civil rights for women, religious minorities, LGBTQ people and people of color.
Immigrants are taking away job opportunities for whites.
Jews own and control the banking industry.
The Bible instructs that white Christian people should possess, control and oversee all lands.
It's time to take back our country.
Jews control the media and Hollywood.
We must be the voice of the new embattled White minority!
Social welfare programs mostly benefit immigrants and people of color.
Jews have too much influence in US politics.
Jews universally support Israel and Israeli policy in Palestine.

All of these are false, but form the basis of the white supremacy movement. Can you see how an inkling of belief can creep into one's thoughts and take hold and feed a system of beliefs that marginalizes and oppresses an "other" group of people?
This a penetrating and provocative analysis of the hate that will not die, focusing on its current, virulent incarnations on both the political right and left. With the reemergence and "normalization" of the white nationalist movement and xeno-phobia in America, the author examines the underlying foundation of antisemitism. In a series of letters to a college student and a colleague, both of whom are perplexed by this resurgence, acclaimed historian Deborah Lipstadt gives us her own superbly reasoned, brilliantly argued, and certain to be controversial responses to troubling questions.
In response to attacks in the US against Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, African Americans and others that have spiked since the start of the 2016 election:

"Any person or community not visibly white and Christian is endangered by this surge in bigotry and hate crimes. Indeed, the very fabric of our country, founded on pluralism and mutual understanding and acceptance, is under attack. [We] understand that all forms of racism and bigotry are interconnected and that it is impossible to combat one without confronting them all."
- Islamic Networks Group (ING)
Changing the Narrative:
An Alternative to Removing Confederate Monuments


"Jews will not replace us"
- Chanted by white nationalists at the "Unite the Right"
rally in Charlottesville, VA, August, 2017.

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Events and Resources:

OCL 103  - March 6 - 8, Perry, KS. This Introduction to Multicultural Leadership introduces a comprehensive model for understanding the complexity of modern –isms as they are playing out in our organizations and culture.  The training includes the presentation of a common language and common concepts through which to understand cultural group dynamics and conflicts, including issues of race, sexual orientation, class, religion, gender and more.  It also offers an opportunity for initial personal assessment and the chance to begin to work issues and applications of concern to participants. For more information, contact Bryan Harold, bryanharold@mkp.org or 512-797-4177. Click here to register.

MeToo to WeTogether: Reconciling Relations Between Women and Men  - March 6 - 8, Seattle, WA. Step beyond therapy, couple’s work, and women’s and men’s groups. Embark upon a new form of spiritual healing and reconciliation work that blesses and empowers everyone. Developed over 27 years, this unique, experiential program has been conducted for thousands of women and men on six continents, and has consistently achieved unprecedented levels of healing and transformation between the sexes. Download the Flyer.

South Central Rainbow Warrior Gathering  - March 19-22, LOMG, North Zulch, TX. This is an annual event for initiated GBTQ+ brothers. We meet in a central location located not far from the Houston International Airport, for four days (three nights) of Lover energy. For more information, contact Martin Sunday: martin@martinsundaydesigns.com.

Muulticultural Awareness Weekend  - March 27-29, Seattle, WA. The Pacific Northwest is offering a unique “trifecta” of multicultural trainings. Led by MKP Full Leaders Henry Thurman and Rick Broniec, they are open to anyone, all genders, and not limited to MKP men. The main training, "Isms & Issues: An Introduction to Multicultural Awareness,” will take place on Saturday. That training will be book-ended by "The Seven Generations: An Intergenerational Healing Workshop" on Friday evening and by "Access to Allies: How to Act as an Effective Ally to People in Target Groups” on Sunday morning. For more information, contact Gregg Kleiner, 541-740-9654, kleinerg@comcast.net. Register here.

The Brothahood Gateway NWTA  - May 1-3, LOMG, North Zulch, TX. Leader team: Ernest Patterson, Stephan McKenzie, Richard Torres, Judge Mattocks, Jr. The Brothahood of MKP, men of obvious African ancestry, are building a container. Apply to staff here.

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Cultural Identity Group meetings:       

• M.O.D. (Men of Difference) Squad - for men that have experienced negative prejudgment due to race, orientation or culture. If you have experienced Racism, Classism, Ableism, Anti-Semitism, Ageism or Heterosexism, this is a space for you to express, be empowered, learn and share.
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• Pan Asian Middle Eastern Chicago 2021 NWTA - team of men with Asian and Middle Eastern ancestry, hosting open circles, Zoom meetings and planning for a 2021 NWTA. For more info, contact Josh Singh at jsingh999@gmail.com.

White Men Undoing Racism monthly zoom call sponsored by Metro NY Tristate - White men doing their work and getting past resistance and triggers. All men, no matter your viewpoint, are welcome!
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